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I want to buy this guy a drink! Hell, I'll buy the whole bottle!

Today I purchased your web-builder product for a small sub company I recently started. The sales person instructed me to follow the prompts to set up the email for the new web site domaine. / When following the prompts I downloaded the email on to my iphone, and then followed the prompt to place my new email address into my existing Outlook program on my desktop computer. When this process was completed, I opened Outlook to see only mail for I own 4 companies, have several emails loading into my Outlook program and was horrified to see that they were gone. I called in to Sales & Tech Support and spoke to Brian who patiently listened to my story, asked the right questions, and got to the bottom of my issue. With a simple click on the "Outlook" under Mail (32bit) in my control panel, I was back in business! .......FYI, I had spoken to someone before Brian about my problem and he was short and rude, at one point said "I can't help you I work for Go Daddy not Google."...... I promptly hung up and redialed.

by Dana Cook, President Julia's Florist | Dec 29, 2016

Brian deserve to be a manager or to have a great bonus

I had a very bad un expected issue with my website which been canceled. I called another employee from Godaddy who did not helped at all, I chocked and disappointed a lot. But I expect a lot from Godaddy and believe they are the best. I consider my self a big advertising campaign for Godaddy. Then I talked to Mr. Brian ( The best Godaddy's professional employee so far) He exceed my expectation, He solved my problem with unexpected creative way. He has a great remarkable willing to help, He gave me the feeling that his helping because he loves to help not because he has to, He knows very well what he's doing. He offered me a lot of services with a very professional way made me consider to extend my business with Godaddy. *****He went above and beyond*****. If he works for me I would definitely make him a manager as he is a great problem's solver, or at least would give him a big bonus or salary increase to motivate him and to keep him a great asset for the company. Thank you for having such a great team.

by Rula Bashi | Dec 03, 2016

Brian H. Is a ROCKSTAR

Had a great conversation with Brian as he helped me through an small issue I was having. I seriously could not have grabbed a better support tech if I tried. Very knowledgeable and clear directions. This is all coming from a Network guy himself. A+ job Brian, Thanks again

by Joseph Salmi | Dec 24, 2016

AMAZING Problem solver!!!

After 3 hours, it would be too much to type, but Brian was simply amazing. I called in tears...upset that my email had stopped working all together. He patiently listened to my issues and immediately reassured me that WE would get it taken care of, that he would walk me through everything to get my email back up and not only running, but better than it was! AND HE DID!! can't say enough about how grateful I am that HE answered the phone and fixed, tweeked, renamed, and took care of me. Many many thanks, Terry Albright

by Terry A - Owner My Glass Garden | Dec 01, 2016

Kudos Brian!!!

I was very fortunate to have this pleasant young man answer my phone call this evening. He prides himself in customer satisfaction and it was evident in his patience and knowledge. He went above and beyond his job description to help me with an expired domain. He took extra time out of his hectic schedule to confront his supervisor about redeeming my expired domain. His supervisor also exhibited professionalism and kindness in the way he extended the domain redemption for me. I know everyone takes the time to place complaints and file grievances about the representatives who are arrogant and unwilling to help their customers but very few take time to place a compliment. I couldn't end this evening without taking the time to give Brian a well deserved "Thank You" for going out of his way to ensure my satisfaction. I wish everytime I have to call godaddy I could speak with him. I hope he receives a holiday bonus for his outstanding customer service!

by JoAnn, Owner, Bella Faccias | Dec 01, 2016


Amazing Information man

So happy Brian was the person who answered our call. We were able to set up our account with GoDaddy feeling like we had all the information we needed. He was thorough and funny and smart and informative. We felt very taken care of. Totally will recommend the company to our friends who want domain names and websites. Brian is the type of person we always want to have a conversation with when you call a company and he has a golden personality!! Thanks Brian!!

by Maureen, Owner, THE OTHER MARKETPLACE | Dec 01, 2016


Brian Halstead is a Workspace Email God!

I called Brian about an unrelated issue with a DNS, and he ended up not only solving that issue for me, but he also did something no one else could do, including your upper management: Get me an all-in-one workspace email account! I have had issues with the complication of my email system for years now. I have had reps tell me things that could be done that couldn't, which caused me a tremendous amount of stress and time when things did not work out like I was told they would. And as I learned today, I have also had countless reps tell me that what could not be done actually could. Before my call, I had seven different email accounts, all going to separate boxes and all needing to be maintained separately. Now, I have one email box with 7 identities, and I have never been so happy! Brian was patient, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout our entire call. I am not sure why he is not in charge of teaching every rep at GoDaddy about email capabilities, as well as various other business specific topics....but let me tell you something, he most definitely should be. Please recognize Brian for his expertise and outstanding customer service. He is a treasure, and an invaluable asset to your company!!!

by Jeremy M Shapiro | Nov 24, 2016



I am still in awe at how great the customer service was today. Mr Brian Halstead out of Arizona handled my issue expertly. He spent 40 mins on the phone with me and we solved the issue and now I have officially launched my website!! Would not have been able to do this without his help. Please give him the recognition he deserves. I am super impressed

by Carlos - Vida Travel | Nov 20, 2016

Heavenly Service

Our experience with Brian was just amazing, he works so hard and did a spectacular job for us. He made our site look polished and so professional. We really needed his help and he was hear for us tonight. We will recommend Go Daddy for all our friends! Brian is exceptional and deserves a great raise! In Christ, Pastor Joe Schofield 972-922-8556

by Joe Schofield | Nov 13, 2016

Caring GoDaddy Rep Gives Superb Recommendations!!

Brian Halstead was very educational in detailing how GTDLs could help direct business to our site... and actually walked me through the purchase and set up so I'd know how to add, forward, and manage my domains. His insights led to the purchase of our recent add-on domain, and probably another add-on domain once our move to another state occurs. Definitely recommend him to all of GoDaddy's customers, and I'D GIVE HIM A RAISE!! Mahalo nui loa, Carol & Lew Slusher Mobile Tax Hawaii

by Carol & Lew Slusher, Mobile Tax Hawaii | Nov 06, 2016

2 excellent service

I recently had excellent experience with two of your agents: Tina Pfeiffer Thursday eve Brian Halstead Saturday eve I was exploring hosting at HostGator or Blue or inmotion... But after working with these two, I have decided to stay with GoDaddy. Tina was excellent in her service and help understanding websites, etc; Brian was excellent in helping me understand the bigger picture and options, and branding, etc. I ended up buying with Brian and will follow up with these two. I didn't feel rushed with them, and I got excellent service and ideas. Sold me to work with GoDaddy.

by Richard Toban / Preferred Financial Solutions | Oct 30, 2016

He be good....he be reallll goood!

As with ALL my Go Daddy customer support service calls Brian was exceptional. He stayed with me until we worked out a short term solution and fix for a problem with my E-mail server that most likely will have to be resolved by Outlook. Brian was patient and responded to my frequent request to get me headed in the right direction.

by Don Turner - Senior Account Manager | Dec 17, 2016


Brian Halstead

Brian, is an amazing tech support agent. He was able to listen to our concerns and guide us through with out making things complicated. Brian is a real asset to your support team, you need more people who take such an interest in helping people resolve their problems.

by Joseph Anikewich - JA7 Consulting | Dec 22, 2016


Brian Halstead is THE MAN!

After receiving a message that someone may have been trying to access a site hosted by GoDaddy that I admin for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, I called GoDaddy support and was connected to Brian Halstead. Brain investigated and determined that there was indeed something odd going on with the site. He was very courteous, extremely knowledgeable, and showed genuine concern in helping me track down the problems. He was quite personable while diagnosing what was happening. Once he realized that there may apparently be some type of intrusion happening while we were still on the phone he brought in a higher level of tech support and advised them of our entire conversation to get them up to speed so I wouldn't have to repeat all of the details. I am currently waiting while Brian and the other tech support folks are working on installing SiteLock for me but I wanted to fill out this report while everything was still fresh on my mind. Brian is indeed THE MAN in my book and I would gladly buy him a beer and pizza anytime to say Thank You!

by Terry with City of Rock Hill, SC | Dec 10, 2016

Finally solved my problem with domain recognizing dns nameservers

we spoke to several GoDaddy representatives that couldn't figure out our DNS issue. Domains weren't 'talking' to our setup DNS nameservers and site weren't propagating. Finally, Brian was able to suggest and implement a Domain Reconcile which helped flush the domains and reset 'seeing' the correct DNS. without his help our sites would still be down!

by erika oldenkamp | Oct 21, 2016 

Brian is a Genius

WOW. I have dealt with Customer Service Reps for 52 years in the Home Based Business Industry. I have never had anyone come close to the help and the knowledge to help me through the Signup process. He helped me choose a link that he thinks will give me 100's of hits. And he helped me link it to my business so people will see my site when they click on my domain. If there were 10 stars to rate him, I would rate him a 15!

by Doug, Independent Affiliate of Karatbars | Oct 18, 2016

Surround yourself with the BEST!

Brian at Godaddy was so AWESOME, he helped me through purchasing and requesting certificate for our egnyte share file. This is one of the many reasons why we have chosen to be loyal customers of GODADDY for almost 9 years. They are always there for you, and they speak english! Brian understood our needs and helped us to succeed! Thank you so much GODADDY in hiring people that no what they are doing...making my job easier and stress free. Mahalo, Christy with Chrysalis Events Hawaii

by Christy Yomes, managing director Chrysalis Events Hawaii | Oct 18, 2016

Present and Positive

Thank you, Brian, for your superb and gracious help this evening; appreciate your clear, patient, and positive guidance with the domain changes. Thank you, Vincent, for your excellent and pleasant help this evening; your directions remedied the missing link in the feedback e-mail. Good thoughts to you, gentlemen, and your team there.

by Tomy | Oct 12, 2016 

Above and beyond!

My account with GoDaddy was originally set up by a webmaster who would not share the information with me on the account for fear that I would drop him as a webmaster. After a many year stand off he had disappeared and I needed to have the information to access the account to sell the domain to an interested party. The process through the change department is inadequate do to the lack of direct communication channels. Brian H. stepped in and spent more than an hour in sorting things out through his contacts. This is very rare in todays times of faceless and uncaring companies that use the online excuse to limit the availability of interacting in real time with their customers. This changed my opinion of GoDaddy somewhat due to one employees willingness to step up and go well beyond what was necessary to continue to draw a check from GoDaddy. Brian did it because he actually cares about people. My experience with Brian goes beyond any experience I have had in the past with any customer service and I hope that those in charge are aware of this.

by Jeff Wells, President Wells Audio | Aug 19, 2016

My New BFF

Brian Halstead helped me this morning. I started doing one thing, buying a domain, and he helped me with everything. We set up a website, fixed all my domains, and he even walked me through starting the website. Brian is not only personable but so knowledgeable. This was my lucky day when I met Brian, on the phone.

by Barbata Richter, Co-Owner | JUL 23, 2016

GoDaddy! Amazing customer service!

I called in to renew my domain name and I asked the rep, Brian H., for some advice on how to improve my site. He not only offered great advice on how to improve my site using website builder on GoDaddy, he walked me through the steps on building the site! I did not feels rushed, he answered all of my questions and showed me some great pearls on how to make my site look great.. He far exceeded my expectations -- Thanks Brian H.!

by Jason Mansour, MD | JUN 22, 2016

Wow! I just had the BEST experience ever!!!!!

Honest-to-God. I just experienced the best customer service. Brian H. was full of wisdom with a dash of humor and an abundance of patience. When I first dialed into Go Daddy, I was completely exasperated with a mild headache. Within minutes, I found myself enjoying all the self imposed problems I had created. Brian H. is the best! So very efficient!!!!!


The BEST Customer Service I have EVER Recieved

I called GoDaddy with the hope to transfer my website hosting to you guys. First and foremost I was having a problem with my Domain, the CNAME, A Record, and all these super technical things that I had no clue what to do with. I got transferred on the phone to Brian H. from Tech Support. He walked me through step by step with immense patience how to transfer my domain hosting to GoDaddy. I then asked him if he could help me figure out how to get my original Squarespace site to be switch to a Photography site builder called Zenfolio. I had already messed around with my DNS Zone settings and messed them all up, causing my website to crash and I spent 3 hours trying to figure it out on my own, failing miserably. He went ABOVE AND BEYOND to not only explain to me what to change and what to type in to make sure my newly designed website would be up and running smoothly, but ALSO explained to me what each thing I was changing (A Record, CNAME, etc.) did, and how it affected my website. I learned to much from him, and he was so understanding of my issues, and now in the future because of his help I can possibly complete minor changes and fixes on my own. He also made sure to not make me feel bad that I didn't always understand what he was explaining, and would explain multiple times kindly until I understood. We spent over 30 minutes on the phone, and he made sure EVERYTHING was running perfectly on my site. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and amazing service, and my call with him exemplifies to me what AMAZING customer service means. Brian H was amazing, and that justifies exactly why I wanted to switch to GoDaddy, and will recommend it to everyone who wants to host a website. Websites/Technology can be confusing for novices, and knowing that if I ever have a problem I can call and get help from someone like him makes every penny I will spend on hosting with GoDaddy worth it. Thank you Brian!

by Jacob Appelbaum | MAY 23, 2015

Finally someone who was a huge help!

I've been trying to get my website up and have called many times. No one has been very helpful or able to resolve my issues until today. Brian H. was incredibly helpful. He was able to resolve every issue I had and answered every question I had. When I had trouble doing something on the site, he did it for me. Every employee should be as responsive to customers as Brian has been to me!

by Cheryl, InterviewSource Consulting | APR 07, 2015

Excellence in Service << Went above and beyond to resolve the issue I faced with the (NEW) SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY tool. The new version in my opinion isn't ready to market. I believe it should be in BETA status until all the "BUGS" are worked out of this program/tool. Again << Served my needs extremely well and for that I say THANK YOU! -David

by David | Webmaster | MAR 29, 2015

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